Il Baglio Regia Corte

The "Baglio"


Specialising in all kinds of events, the Baglio Regia Corte is the perfect combination of professionalism with highly qualified staff and understated elegance, nestling in an idyllic rustic setting that will leave you simply breathless.


The nineteenth century farmhouse the building was built around underwent extreme restyling that has made it modern while leaving those architectural and structural characteristics intact that are typical of Sicilian agricultural and aristocratic tradition.


Based on studies by the famous historian from Alcamo Carlo Cataldo and in particular on his book “The Bread of Freedom”, 'Il Pane della Libertà', the farmhouse located in the 'Regia Corte' district was mentioned in the testament of the famous philanthropist from Alcamo Antonio Mangione (who founded the hospice with the same name situated in Alcamo) at the beginning of the nineteenth century. The building was then donated by Francesca Concetta De Blasi, wife and sole heir of Mangione, «to the Jesuits until they remained in Alcamo». They then left in 1848-49 and again in 1860. Abandoned by the Jesuits the farmhouse was left in a «state of certain and imminent decay»: the decision was then taken to sell it «at an expert’s price of £ 5,618 at public auction by law». At the time the building was described as follows: «farmhouse with a south wall, stone carvings at the threshold of the main door, a north wall bordering the garden, an east wall, a room at the south entrance that forms a dovecote, a wood storeroom, a wine storeroom with oak caskets, an oil storeroom with 32 buried jars, a room with a balcony to the south, a room to the north with a dressing room and storeroom above the workshops.»


Run by the Artale family our young company founded in 2011 is already one of the most well established and fastest growing businesses in the area. We have highly qualified staff that are the fabric of our (success/work). Vincenzo takes care of marketing and company development, Mirco is responsible for managing the building and Silvana is specialised in interior design and furnishing solutions.

Il Baglio Regia Corte

Wedding and celebrations

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Every day we celebrate your magic moments with the attention of those that want to make your day unique and unforgettable.


Your smallest wish will be the stimulus that will drive our commitment. Our expertise will ensure your impatient taste buds enjoy the meals we serve.

The mise en place

At Baglio Regia Corte you can find a vast range of napkins, table linen, table ware and dinner services to meet your tastes in every detail.


All our staff, from the kitchen to the waiting staff are highly trained and will ensure that everything is in line with the high quality standards that we promise our guests.

Il Baglio Regia Corte

Business events

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Meetings, conventions, congresses, conferences and advertising presentations are just some of the events we can host. The setting, our professionalism and the fine cuisine will ensure your event is a success.


We will help you to organise every stage of your company events: from the invitations to welcoming guests all surrounded by the refined elegance that Baglio Regia Corte has to offer.


We have more than just beautiful interiors: at Baglio Regia Corte there is also a fantastic swimming pool and a tastefully furnished relaxation area. Surroundings where you can calm your senses and find perfect peace.


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